29 July 2013

Bagel Snake

Bagel Snake and other Party Snacks :) Pretty amusing to serve at your house party instead of your boring old bowl of crisps and party sticks. Mind you, they're not exactly creme de la creme of neither my culinary nor artistic achievements, but I'm no Dr Lecter - can't be perfect all the time ;)

I feel like there's not much of a recipe to give you here. I cut bagels into quarters, arranged them into a 'snake', spread some soft cheese on them and drew the stripes with chilli sauce. I made the head from a leftover piece of bagel, I made the eyes out of a couple of capers and chilli sauce, and stuck them to the head with some mayo, and finally I made the tongue out of some chives. Et voila :)

The other sandwiches I made were the bog standard cheese and pickle, ham and mustard and pate with gherkins, but I used my dinosaur sandwich cutter which made all the difference :) I served them with some tomato roses and 'mushrooms' made out of hard-boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes. To make these all you need to do is cut the tip of the tomato off, scoop out the inside and put the tomato on top of the egg. You can use mayo or soft cheese to make the spots. Tip: Mayo will go transparent after a while when it dries out, so I would recommend soft cheese.


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