20 May 2013

Recipe for butter

A few months ago I discovered the recipe for butter in one of the "Fabulous Baker Brothers" shows. You won't believe it. I couldn't believe it. You have to try it :)


  • Double cream
  • Mixer

  1. Pour the cream into the mixer bowl.
  2. Turn on the mixer.
  3. Leave the room.
  4. Come back 5 minutes later.
  5. You have butter.

Told you! :D The butter will separate from the cream and you'll have a lot of leftover buttermilk, but all you need to do is fish out the butter, put it in a bowl of cold water and knead it a bit to wash out the buttermilk. Then form it in the shape you want or put it in a butter mould and put it in the fridge to harden. If you want salted butter, add a bit of salt to the cream beforehand. :) All I need to do now is to master the art of making cream from milk and I'm sorted for the apocalypse :) Minus the mixer... and the rest of the food...

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