4 November 2017

Meringue ghosts


Who wins at pinterest? That's right, I win at pinterest.

So this one doesn't have much of a recipe. All you need to do is make meringues (recipe here), make them a bit bigger and stacked, then use a skewer or something to pull little hands out of the body and bake it as normal, maybe add extra 15-20 min.

Oh, and do yourself a favour and use a homemade piping bag to shape the meringues. I say homemade, because any typical piping bag tip will be quite small and, while you can still make a tall meringue with it, it will just end up looking like a jobby (yup, tried it). What you want to do is use a zip lock bag or something like that and cut a rather large (maybe an inch long) opening in one corner. It's a bit more messy that way but they end up looking much better.

To make the faces, use food colouring gel. I used this, worked pretty well:

Image result for food colouring gel black dr oetker

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