18 January 2013

Chinese Dragon Pumpkin Carving

This was surprisingly exhausting! It will be a while before I attempt that again...

There's not really much of a recipe, but I can give you some tips I guess :)

I used a template - I found it on-line here.

All I did was I printed the template on an A4 sheet of paper, wrapped it around the pumpkin and taped it to keep it in place, and then used a small fruit carving knife to cut out the shapes through the template.

Fruit carving knifes are a useful thing to have if you like playing with food. I got myself a set from Amazon for around £15. They look like this:


If you do use them to carve a pumpkin please be careful, as they're not made for very hard fruit like pumpkin - I managed to break one of mine carving this one...

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